Tweeting Wake Up Light

April 6, 2009

Over three months ago I purchased the Philips Wake Up Light. It claims to make you wake up gradually and slowly so you feel more refreshed and energetic. The light simulates a sunrise feeling, to ensure a natural waking pattern. Our Dutch friends have produced a good product and this is brilliant for those of us who see cold and dark mornings in the winter. It boasts an alarm clock radio and several different sounds, like tweeting birds or the sound of the sea.

Thirty minutes prior to your alarm clock time, the light starts to beam slowly and gradually to your preset intensity. Scientist’s say that this is the most important time of everyone’s sleep and the most deepest, so using a natural light stimulant such the Philips Wake Up Light, can be good for the body. wake-up-light

At £50 this is not a cheap alarm clock and does not seem to be built that well. It is clunky and the buttons are very placky, with a 70’s feel to it. However, credit where credit is due – Recommended purchase.


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