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Gordan Ramsay’s New York

March 16, 2009

A recent  trip to New York (NY) saw me pining for a meal at Per Se, a french restaurant voted number one in the world. The four months waiting list however, seemed like a  slight problem and not something  i could do much about. Persuading the restaurant that i was in NY to prevent further decline to the economy and i was there to spend my hard earned but devaluing  British Pounds did not seem to work. However, i got a place on the waiting list for the waiting list, which obviously made me feel so important.
As time was ticking along i decided to go for Gordon Ramsay’s Maze at The  London, which is a new restaurant and highly recommended by British visitors.

On entry you realise that this restaurant is very dark and not as big as you would expect. The ambiance they describe as relaxed with luxurious surroundings is accurate , however, the dim lighting and emphasis of trying to be modern, pushed a lounge bar feel, which may not be to every-ones taste. There was a underlying vibe of pretentiousness and elitism, but i suppose this is expected in NY, where i have found expensive places means snobbery.

I went for the five course $70 meal and to normal European standards, they came as small but adequate portions as expected in some of the best restaurants. The food was excellent and the flavours were breath taking. This had to be by far the best food i have eaten in NY and in the world to date. Unfortunately, the service was not of the same standard and not so complementary.
The meals came out very slowly and the staff were very formal. Not formal in a friendly manner, however, more of a “do you know where you are eating?” attitude. They nearly served my friend a nut based dish, even-though they were already aware of the allergy and pointed us o the fixed menu for those who are allergic to nuts.
Overall, the experience was pleasant. The food gets top marks and i would recommend this place as i do believe we got value for money. Service and attitude of staff can ruin the experience, however, I would take the gamble and visit this place again. Highly Recommended (just about)